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Meet the board

Image by Derick Daily

Camille Lancaster

Board Member

Camille Lancaster is a native to Forsyth County. Ms. Lancaster is the owner and co-founder of The Green House LLC. is certified aromatherapist, avid gardener, and business owner of 25 years. She is passionate about plants and the ability to heal and live well through the use of plants. She was reared in a home by a mother who was a nurse that focused on health and nutrition and a father that still is today an avid gardener at 90 years of age. Using plants and herbs from God's green earth plays a very important role in her life and the goal is to give her knowledge of these things to the world. The Green House, a retail store specializing in health and wellness products was created to offer the Winston Salem community plant-based products hand crafted by local entrepreneurs. As a board member of IRDI, Ms. Lancaster fills our organization's Entrepreneurial Hub representative role. As a founding member of Winston Salem's emerging Food Innovation District, Ms. Lancaster and her collaborative venture the Green House assist in the strategic development and growth of Renew Forsyth's unique community-impact model called the Story of the Plate by linking their customers to the growing regenerative supply-chain that is taking shape across the city. The Green House is specifically focusing on linking bionutrient food to their entrepreneur's products and the larger soil-to-food supply-chain across Forsyth County.

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