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Meet the board

Image by Derick Daily

Brenda Taylor

Board Member

Brenda Taylor is a lifetime native to Forsyth County and former resident of Happy Hill. Ms. Taylor went to Winston Salem State University where she received her bachelor in pre-med and her graduate degree in community education from Appalachian State University. Ms. Taylor is an active board member for Happy Hill Neighborhood Association (HHNA), founder and manager of Happy Hill Community Garden and a co-founder of Triad Farmers Network. As a board member of IRDI, Ms. Taylor fills our organization's Resilient Neighborhood Association representative role given her active role with HHNA. As a founding member of Winston Salem's emerging Food Innovation District, Ms. Taylor and HHNA assist in the strategic development and growth of Renew Forsyth's unique community-impact model called the Story of the Plate by linking food consumers to the growing regenerative supply-chain that is taking shape across the city. HHNA is specifically focusing on linking deep-community impact through bionutrient food production and regenerative urban development through community gardening to the larger soil-to-food supply-chain across.

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