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A dissociated economy results in social and ecological deterioration

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IRDI promotes restoration through cooperative innovation

IRDI brings together numerous local, regional and national stakeholders to form cooperative ecosystems. Through collaborative innovation, IRDI builds economic and educational resilency into impoverished communities from the soil-up.

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Co-Creating Restorative Economies

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Failures of connectivity in our education system, food supply chain and Health Care can be traced back to an economic mindset of dissociation. When our social systems function in isolation, both individual and communal environments are threatened with collapse unless corrected.

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IRDI’s mission: is to co-create local restorative economies through Regenerative Agriculture, Curriculum Design, and Health Innovation.

Our vision: is to activate the agriculture supply-chain by engaging local, regional, and global stakeholders in regenerative development from the soil-up. 

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Learn What We Can Do Together

As a partner with IRDI, you directly impact local and regional economies, bringing resilience and restoration to individuals and communities in need.

Get Involved

Your support is vital to our work at IRDI. There are many ways you can contribute towards our mission of restorative economies. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to be part of IRDI.

See A Change For The Better

In bringing together creative innovators from various backgrounds and experiences, our partners form a unique ecosystem of diverse industries and communities.

Making a difference is easy

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RENEW FORSYTH is one of IRDI's first of many Resilient Community Platforms. This community platform uses a unique Living-Lab approach to community development, co-designed with numerous organizational and community stakeholders across Forsyth County including SHARE Cooperative, The Green House and Triad Farmers Network.
National and international partners include the Living Architecture Systems Group, Bionutrient Food Association, Dream Corps and a growing number of others.
Renew Forsyth’s Incarceration – to – Resiliency pipeline utilizes “agropreneurship” development with Project Reentry, Resources for Resilience and Happy Hill Neighborhood Association to grow a restoration economy from the soil-up.

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